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Debut Art are a leading Illustration & Design Agency, with over 100 illustrators, animators and design studios on their books. I was approached by Debut Art to completely redesign their website, their goals being easier and more successful browsing and user-lead content discovery. They also required the use of large scale imagery and a showcase for the most recent work.

The project was approached from the ground up, starting with a full break down of the client’s needs and their existing assets. Following this consultation supporting documents were produced to outline the site’s information architecture. Accompanying wireframes were designed and iterated following client feedback. Visual designs routes were also produced concurrently. Once the information architecture documents had been signed-off the visual design was put into place following an iterative design process. From this point, working HTML documents were produced and integrated into the CMS.

In 2011 the site was updated, incorporating social network integration, HTML5 video and more complex project views.

Debut Art